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Early Prosthetic Leg
Item #: FDR-FP-120
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Here is a prosthetic leg most likely dating just after the war through the early 1900's. The wood itself is in good condition and though primitive in overall design, has the feel of a finished product. It stands 44inches in total length and as you can see one side is taller than the other so that the short end can fit on the inner leg. It has a leather sling built into the middle where the amputated leg would fit into, there are two leather straps which were used to secure the piece to the body. I'm not sure if there are any other straps missing. The base has an iron ring which is used to stabilize the base and prevent the wood from deteriorating when used and below that are pads of old leather to give traction and to take the brunt of the wear.
There are no markings noted anywhere and in my opinion this would look excellent in a veteran collection. The need for prosthetics spiked significantly in the years just after the war and it wasn't until around World War I that advancements would be seen in this area of medical care.

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