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Confederate Dog River Sword - Henry County, TN
Item #: FDR18-009
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Confederate "Dog River" cavalry saber in good condition in a M1840 imported cavalry scabbard. The blade has the unstopped fuller and shows signs of use. When held up to the light you can also see the hammer marks down the blade. The brass guard is in good condition and the grip appears to be original with no signs noted of it being messed with. It still has the single wire wrap.

The sword comes in a M1840 imported scabbard and still retains the mounts and rings. The sword fits in the scabbard nicely. On the blade is a note stating that this was in the 'Webb Family from Henry County, Tennessee". I also have a letter from Larry Hicklen who originally had and sold the sword. Henry County produced several companies for a handful of Cavalry Units. This is a really cool sword.


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