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M1860 Spencer Carbine
Item #: FDR18-089
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A nice M1860 Spencer Carbine in good condition. The iron is evenly pitted throughout which gives it a real good 'been there' look. It still retains the original folding sight, sidebar with ring, and loading tube correct for this model. The action works great and the hammer responds to the trigger. The wood has a nice aged tone throughout. It has two inspector's cartouches on wrist of the stock. As you can see the barrel still retains some rifling through the pitting.

You can see a memory of the Spencer marking on the top of the breech and you can clearly see the serial number behind the breech which interestingly enough is 2 digits off of those issued to Company D of the 1st Vermont Cavalry. I will send along a scan of the ranges for the buyer to have if they are interested.

These are one of my favorite weapons of the war and every civil war collection should have a Spencer if it has any weapons at all. This is one that no doubt saw action during the war.

Shipping Weight: 7 lbs
 $2,550.00 USD

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