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French Clarion B-flat Bugle
Item #: FDR19-119
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Here is a very cool B-flat Clarion style bugle in overall good condition. I do believe that this particular bugle is made just after the civil war - though would pass as an example without paying the $1,400 - 2,000 that these are now bringing. The brass has a nice dark patina throughout.

To start, in the bell, you can see a zipper seam which is of the correct manufacture for a civil war made bugle. However, I believe this is only for the construction of the bell up to about 8 inches above it where you can see a seam where it appears the bell was applied - a post civil war trait. It also has remnants of a yellow chord. The mouthpiece appears to be of civil war era.

The really cool part - this horn still plays!!! I play trumpet and have bugled civil war calls for nearly 20+ years and this one sounds awesome! It won't break my hear to sell it - but I already have another one that I use.

Here is your chance to own a Civil War style - French Clarion bugle - that plays and displays even better!

Shipping Weight: 3 lbs
 $850.00 USD

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