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Below are some interviews we have been involved with on ' Our History Project '
Our History Project is a weekly podcast show that will take history and make it his - story. It will be available here to stream or download as well as i-tune, zune market place and a host of podcast feeds throughout the world. We will focus on the story behind the story, capturing history from first hand accounts, when possible, and bring to light what impact those decisions made in their lives. We know the history; we can see the facts, now let's hear the influence of those events from the people who were there. Our goal is preservation and education; we want to preserve these memories for the ages.
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2009 - An Interview with Jimmy Jobe - Park Historian of Fort Donelson National Battlefield

The Campaign for Fort Henry & Donelson - February 1862

2010 - North Georgia Chickamauga Civil War Show ( The Dalton Show )

2010 - Corinth Civil War Relic Show

2010 - Anniversary of the Battle of Fort Donelson February 1862

Displays at Fort Donelson National Battlefield

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