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Partial 12 Pound Ball With Case-shot
Item #: FDR21-180
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12 pound shell fragment with 8 case-shot that were found nearby. Fragment still holds remnants of matrix that held the case-shot inside the ball. Several shots have the sprue still attached from where they were hastily molded. Two shots are still fused together. A neat display piece!

While shells produced only a few large fragments, case was loaded with lead or iron balls and was designed to burst above and before the enemy line, showering down many more small but destructive projectiles on the enemy. The effect was analogous to a weaker version of canister. With case the lethality of the balls and fragments came from the velocity of the projectile itself – the small burst charge only fragmented the case and dispersed the shrapnel.
The spherical case used in a 12-pounder Napoleon contained 78 balls.
Wikipedia - Field Artillery of The American Civil War

Diagram picture showing cross section interior view of a spherical ball courtesy of Jack Melton at www.civilwarartillery.com

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