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M1840 Horstmann Officer's Cavalry Sword
Item #: FDR21-213
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A unique M1840 Officer's Cavalry saber by W.H. Horstmann & Sons of Philadelphia which is described on page 221 of the Thillman Cavalry sword book. This is the short version with the elaborate and skillfully done etching.

The blade measures just under 32 inches in length. As you can clearly see, the effort in the etching is remarkable and is vivid on both sides of the blade, as well as on top of the blade. It is unknown exactly if this was done by Horsmann, by the blade maker, or third party. Its also unique in that it does not have the 'US" which is often encountered on most etched blades. It has the typical dull metal gray tone with no pitting noted.

The wire is missing, but the sharkskin grip remains. The handle is tight and the brass guard, which too has floral motif, has a great antique look. Unfortunately, there is no scabbard.

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