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M1816 Dated 1831 .69cal Musket
Item #: FDR22-025
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M1816 .69cal rifled-musket dated 1831 from more than likely N. Starr of Middletown, Ct. The iron has a plum brown patina throughout with evenly pitted lightly throughout, including the lockplate, buttplate and trigger guard. As you can see the lock plate is void of the contract stamp due to the condition. However, you can clearly see the stamp behind the hammer, vertically, "Middltn / CONN / 1831".

It has the bolster conversion and the action works perfectly. The stock shows the typical mars and dings on a weapon of this age. The breech of the barrel has an N.J. stamped indicating the State of New Jersey is where this weapon landed. All the barrel bands are original. You'll notice on the flat opposite the lock plate is carved a "Q F". The remnants of the inspectors stamp is visible in between the letters. There is no ramrod.

These old muskets in this condition often get over looked, but if they could talk, I'm sure we would listen intently.

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