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M1816 Springfield dated 1827
Item #: FDR21-074
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Here is a nice M1816 Springfield with cone in barrel conversion. The barrel, which measures the full 42inches, has a nice dull gun metal gray tone throughout with some modeling noted. The rest of the hardware, including the bands, hammer, and lockplate match as well. There is moderate to considerable pitting at the breech with some burnout of the stock.

On the lockplate you can clearly see the "Spring/Field/1827" along with the "Eagle Motiff / US" in front of the hammer. The action is soft, but does pull back to half and full cock. The buttplate is pitted, but you can still see the 'US' on the tang. Correct style ramrod is present.

The stock has a nice look to it with no cracks or repairs that I can see. There are no inspector's marks that I can see on the flat opposite of the lockplate.Nice piece overall.


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