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M1860 Naval Cutlass w/ Scabbard
Item #: FDR21-378
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A solid M1860 Naval Cutlass in overall good condition. The guard has a nice dark mellow patina throughout. You'll notice there are some dings noted which adds to the character. The serial number is also present on the guard - "12 M / 128" which many believe indicate the serial number - 12,128. The grip is better than most, the leather is shrunk and the wire is loose, but stable, around the grip. The blade has some pitting noted near the ricasso, though you can clearly see the production date of 1862 and the faint remnants of the Ames stamping on the reverse. The overall look of the blade has some modeling, but remains a nice dark, clean gray.

The leather scabbard is also present and is the type that has the brass rivets down the back. It fits the sword nicely and adds to the overall look of the sword. The leather remains supple and it fits 99% of the sword with only the tip exposed.

Shipping Weight: 6 lbs
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