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Rare Whitney NY Contract Pre-1812 Musket
Item #: FDR22-027
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1 of 4,000 muskets delivered by Whitney to the state of New York for their requests on modifications to the 1798 musket. The iron has a nice plum brown patina throughout with light pitting noted, though smooth to the touch. The lock plate only has the "N Haven" in scroll on the lower half of the lock plate with no date. The action works perfectly and is in original flint configuration.

On the barrel breech, you can see the 'P' in oval stamp with the 'NY' of the SNY stamp on the top of the breech. This along with the wavy circle cartouche on the flat of the musket, along with the double spear tip on the frizzen spring, are the hallmark's of this particular contract. All barrel bands are original and correct. The ramrod is period. For reference, you can see pg279; 5J-009; Flayderman's Guide to Antique Arms, 9th Edition.

Shipping Weight: 14 lbs
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